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I am Marc, the founder of Marc Leslie Glass

and I am on a spiritual healing journey that involves me; informing, helping or healing others in one aspect or another. I have been told I am a wealth of knowledge and have always been called to teach. In college I shared offerings thru tutoring. When I had a career job I taught kids fresh out of high school how to work on cars. In 2020 when my father, Mark, was diagnosed with cancer I quit my job and flew to Florida to be with him. I then flew back to North Carolina, went full time with MLG and immediately started offering glass blowing classes in the middle of COVID.

In 2023 I grew so much; church occasionally, yoga regularly, group meditations weekly. Thru the meditations I was called to Reiki. At this time, I was getting a lot of feedback on how comfortable I was to be around and how I would be a great yoga teacher. In October 2023, I signed up for both!

The second weekend in November I received my Reiki I & II Certification at "Healing Begins Within". I am currently enrolled in my 200hr Yoga Teaching Certification at "YogaSalt".

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